Project Selection Criteria

Activities are focused on small, short term, one-off development and relief projects providing immediate tangible benefit.

Development Philosophy

  • MSC works with communities who are committed to being active participants in any project.

  • MSC rejects relationships of dependency and seeks to foster partnership between poor communities overseas and supporters at home.

  • MSC encourages a hand up rather than a hand out attitude. If a community is not willing to be stakeholder in the project then the project will not be approved.

  • MSC encourages self-help and self-reliance among beneficiaries, avoids creating relationships of dependency and involves beneficiary groups to the maximum extent possible in the design, implementation and evaluation of projects.

Overseas aid Objectives

MSC is engaged in providing direct relief and in three main areas of development; the provision of clean water for communities in need, HIV/Aids awareness campaigns and support of disadvantaged youth through assisting locally run training and development facilities.


  • Water Project: To provide communities with the materials, resources, know-how and training needed to collect clean water for drinking, cooking, washing and sanitation.

  • HIV/Aids Awareness Programs: To empower local leaders with the skills and knowledge to raise awareness in their own communities and in their own languages. The goal is to educate those who, due to geographic or linguistic barriers, are not able to access information provided by other (other English speaking) awareness groups.

  • Disadvantaged Youth: The key focus is on supporting projects, which teach young people various important skills so that when they return to their communities, they are able to enhance the welfare of their community.

  • Relief: To provide immediate relief in emergency situations to the victims of disasters.

MSC will support a project based on the need of each community and the level of contribution that community is willing to give. Communities who receive assistance are not limited to Catholics but rather the work of MSC is to benefit all people, irrespective of religion race or political persuation.