The three specific project categories are: Clean Water, Disadvantaged Youth and HIV/Aids. The Mission Office also supports Development and Relief programs within these project categories.

Clean Water

  • Provision of water tanks, irrigation systems, pumps, bores and wells in village communities, schools, health centres, parishes, where the community either has no supply of clean water, or where the existing water supply is contaminated, and not suitable for human consumption. Communities are encouraged to supply materials and labour.

  • Relief measures to support communities in natural disasters

See More: Water/Development

Disadvantaged Youth

  • Assist in the development of training programs and facilities in poor regions where local communities have no government funding.

  • Support locally conducted educational programs for homeless, poor and unemployed youth to teach them agricultural and other technical skills. e.g. building / carpentry, motor mechanics, administration

See More: Disadvantaged Youth


  • Support community based awareness programs to enhance local knowledge of the causes and treatment of the HIV/Aids virus ( also other diseases e.g. leprosy, malaria )

  • Provision of funds for locally run health and rehabilitation centres caring for HIV/Aids suffers

See More: HIV/AIDS


  • Projects arising as a result of a specific event

See More: Relief Work

We encourage applicants involve the community in projects, to ensure that they and the Mission Office, are working as Partners and that they are involved where possible to ensure that it is completed as planned.

The Mission Office has funding available for the abovementioned project categories and we also support the Formation costs associated with the training of our Priests, Brothers and Sisters, within the Chevalier family. We will from time to time inspect projects, to ensure that they have been completed in accordance with the original application.