Kindergarten Repairs Create Safe Learning Space for Children in Campinas, Brazil

" This project has contributed to the well-being of our children and we want to thank you all for the attention you have given to our request." - Letter from parents and guardians of students at Casa da Criança Madre Anastácia.

The children at Casa da Criança Madre Anastácia kindergarten in Campinas, Brazil, come from poor families across Sao Paulo state. The school room is well equipped but run-down facilities threatened the health and well-being of the students.

Staff wrote to the MSC Mission Office Australia to request funds for non-slip tiles and to treat the walls which have been damaged by damp in the building. Not only will these works provide immediate benefit for the 294 children currently enrolled at Casa da Criança Madre Anastácia, but the school will save money as the repairs will remove the need to regularly repaint the walls, leaving more money on hand for educational resources into the future.

"Early childhood education is a fundamental period in the lives of children," writes Principal Sr Janete. "Through experiences, they will be able to develop competences and skills required in the future stages of student life." For the 2-6 year olds who attend the school, opportunities for quality early childhood education are limited. Most schools in the area rely on school community activities, such as fetes and fundraisers for parents, to raise money for repairs and supplies. However, this leaves schools from poorer communities behind.

Sr Janete and the staff collected signatures from parents in support of this project. Their priority was their children's health and safety while at school. With this project now underway, these students will be able to learn and play in a safe and happy school environment.