OLSH Reflects on MSC Assistance

" I have also seen first-hand the work of the Disadvantaged Youth program in South Africa, as well as the Outreach Program which assists vulnerable children. Indeed, many lives are improved due to these programs." - Marife Mendoza FDNSC, OLSH

In our most recent newsletter we highlighted the valuable work being done by OLSH sisters in securing safe drinking water for communities in some of our world's most vulnerable regions. Congretional Leader Marife Mendoza wrote to us from Rome to thank us for MSC's continued support for these water projects.

"Water projects in Senegal and Burkina Faso will no doubt have assisted the people to live without the constant worry of where their water will come from, and to know that the water is safe to drink," she said. "Having visited these countries, I know how challenging the lives of the people are."

In addition to projects to bring clean water to these communities, most of our readers will be familiar with the sisters' work in education. OLSH operates programs from early education through to secondary schooling and these programs address the diverse needs of disadvantaged children. "Our sisters in Brazil have a number of programs which help those who are disadvantaged, our kindergarten in Sao Paulo being one of them," shares Sister Marife. "As well as providing education, the children receive meals each day. Thank you for assisting them with necessary repairs and upgrading."

Sr Marife also noted that the sisters are celebrating 25 years of delivering much needed water, education and food security to communities in South Sudan. Sr Rita shared with us April that a celebration was in the works for the end of May. We wish Sr Rita and her colleagues in South Sudan all the best as they recognise this milestone.

"I cannot adequately express my deep and sincere gratitude to you, those who work with you, and your donors," said Sr Marife. "Be assured of the support of my prayers."

We are proud to support the valuable work of OLSH and look forward to hearing more of the impact these projects are making on the lives of communities around the world.